Who are EnergiseLegal?

The legal profession is changing and needs to change. The trouble is that lawyers are resistant to change and the partnership model slows it down, when it needs to speed up.

We energise our clients and help them to liberate talent, working with both firms and individuals, enabling them to embrace change, strategically and practically.

We work with top magic circle, silver circle and regional firms, helping them to become more innovative, to enable sustainable change through uncertain times.

Success for both firms and individuals is about what you know and who you know. We support our clients with both and help them create a competitive advantage and receive high quality and cost effective training and development led by experts that works.

We keep our overheads down with no expensive head office costs and only work with clients ready for change, and associates who share our values and philosophy. We honour our values and support our clients to honour theirs. To create success on their own terms.

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