Career opportunities for lawyers

Career opportunities for lawyers are changing. Alternatives to partnership are opening up.

You have seen huge change in the legal profession, not all of it to your liking.

Trends include:

  • Reduction in equity partner numbers
  • Stress and pressure rising
  • Squeezed PEP, shrinking equity and value pricing
  • The need to achieve more with less
  • Commercial, business and people engagement skills increasing in importance

Are you:

  • Aspiring to be partner?
  • Approaching retirement or considering early retirement?
  • Wanting to improve your self management?
  • Seeking fee earning growth?
  • Unsure about staying in the law?
  • Worried about job security?

We can help you. We understand alternative jobs for lawyers and traditional and emerging opportunities for lawyers in the law. We act as a confidential, supportive sounding board to help you think through your options.

We at EnergiseLegal know the issues you are facing & understand the unique lawyer mindset.

We work confidentially with both lawyers and law firms and support you to achieve your career goals, whether staying in the law or exploring other career opportunities.

We are a published author of over 18 articles/2 books for the legal profession and career coaching is a core competency. We also work outside the legal profession, so can share valuable fresh thinking with you about career options outside the law e.g. non-executive director, portfolio career etc.

More and more lawyers are choosing a portfolio career. Do you wish you had more flexibility, variety and fulfilment from your work? We do individual coaching and group programmes.

Find out more about portfolio careers – view this webinar:

Webinar about portfolio careers for lawyers

Portfolio career programme & Take stock of your career workshop

Do you need career planning and help with career choices?

The lawyer career path is changing. There is more competition for partner places. Reasons to be a lawyer are less compelling for many. The life of a lawyer means pressure, when many seek better work life balance.

Partnership is not the holy grail it once was.

We help you with:

  • Changing careers
  • Creating a personal brand
  • Building your personal brand
  • How to market yourself
  • Career transition
  • Portfolio career
  • Career planning

Client examples:

Here are some examples of our clients situations. Which can you relate to?:

  • Managing partner with 30 years’ experience in the law/with one firm to create a new direction fitting their motivations, values and financial aspirations.
  • Equity partner whose practice area has been decimated by the downturn wanting to rethink their career options.
  • In-house lawyer with a diverse career to create a portfolio career and become a self-employed legal consultant.
  • Associate feeling dissatisfied with the law and wanting work with more meaning and purpose to identify different career options and better work life balance.
  • Senior associate not enjoying the law to identify what work would appeal and give them work life balance with a young family.
  • Senior associate in a magic circle firm to support them to achieve their aspirations of partner.
  • New equity partner wanting to create a business development strategy and manage internal politics.
  • Salaried partner at a career crossroads deciding whether equity partnership is for them.

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