Once upon a time………..

Once upon a time there was an enlightened innovative law firm.

Even though they were already successful and not in enough ‘pain’ to have to make changes, they were not complacent but forward thinking. They created the firm around career fulfilment rather than just making money. Roles and career paths were designed around individual’s strengths

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Legal market – 21 career success tips

The legal market is changing fast and for a busy lawyer with fee earning pressures, it can be easy to put marketing yourself and developing your career low on your ‘to do’ list. There is more and more competition for jobs and to progress to partnership, so making time for this is vital.


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Are you ready for the ride? Opportunities in the legal profession.


Here is our guest blog for Totum who specialise in law firm management. It is going to be an exciting year for law firm management professionals in law firms with all the changes and increased competition in the legal market.


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Standing out in the crowd: How to develop your career in 2013

Here’s our guest blog for First Counsel who specialise in legal recruitment.




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Career development for the 21st century lawyer


Here is our guest blog for First Counsel recruitment:


What flavour lawyer are you?

19 June 2012

We wrote a guest blog for First Counsel about Personal branding. Click on this link to read it here:


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