Banking of a different kind

Personal development is professional development’s less well known ‘cousin’, especially in the legal profession.

This is a guest blog I wrote about personal development for Haddon Consult: ‘Banking of a different kind.’

What are your views about personal development?

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How likeable are you?

Personal question isn’t it? But an important one.

In a world where Generation Y/The Millennials want attention, involvement in decision making, the demonstration of good values in how leaders behave and will vote with their feet if they don’t get these, soft or interpersonal skills are becoming more important in the war for talent.

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Are you too black and white?

Black and white dogmatism, rather than open mindedness frustrates me.

I am someone who thinks a lot, so if I do something, it is because I have thought about it. It is rare that I am asked a question that makes me think. How often do you ask questions that make your clients think?

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14 hidden ways law firms lose productivity & profit


Many firms have done the obvious things to cut costs, but what about the less obvious?

Here are 14 things that are stopping full productivity and profit to be realised in many law firms:

1) Procrastination 2) Overwhelm 3) Fear about asking for help 4) Loss of concentration from gadget overload and interrupted

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