Want value for money training and development?

Thought so. We have created content which provides high quality cost effective training and development. Energise is an official business partner of The Telegraph Media Group.

Content can be:

  • Used as material in workshops
  • In conjunction with executive coaching
  • Purchased by section
  • Placed on your intranet/a platform of your choice
  • Branded your firm
  • Part of your blended learning strategy


We have content on:


– Business development (see below);

– Career development (see below);

– Talent management (please ask for details); and

– Diversity and inclusion (please ask for details).

There are payment options for different usage/user agreements.

Business development programme

This programme helps to upskill your firm in business development cost effectively.

  • Upskill trainees
  • Support underperforming fee earners
  • Fast track social media knowledge
  • Enable female lawyers to overcome blocks about self-marketing
  • Help partners create a strategy & plan for business development

The Business development programme is strategic yet practical and action focused. It has:

  • 8 sections, 250 pages, over 40 exercises
  • Actions to embed learning in each section
  1. Business development
  2. Social media demystified LinkedIn
  3. Social media demystified Twitter
  4. Target Client
  5. Personal Brand
  6. Blocks about business development
  7. Networking
  8. Time management

Career development programme

This programme helps create career clarity and supports lawyers to define a new career path for them that fits.

  • Support for ‘Up or out’ associates
  • Cost effective redundancy support
  • Retiring partners
  • Talent redeployment
  • New career

The Career development programme is strategic yet practical and action focused. It has 10 sections, 250 pages and over 20 exercises:

  1. Section 1: Introduction
  2. Section 2: Where am I and why am I there?
  3. Section 3: Am I ready for a change?
  4. Section 4: What is stopping me making a change?
  5. Section 5: What resources do I have?
  6. Section 6: Where could I be?
  7. Section 7: How could I get there?
  8. Section 8: How will I know that I have been successful?
  9. Section 9: How do I keep on track?
  10. Section 10: Further resources & inspiration

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