Business Development

How compelling is your business development?

Business development in law firms is increasingly important. Rainmaking is a prized skill to improve fee earning, and cross selling between practice groups vital.

Competition is increasing and firms need to achieve more with less people and budget. Few lawyers entered the profession wanting to do business development and network, but more time needs to be spent on it. Firms, practice groups and individual lawyers all need compelling differentiation.

We provide:

  • Business development mentoring
  • Practice group programmes
  • Group coaching for cross referral between practice groups
  • On-line content

We have a background in marketing, brand strategy and communication and are seasoned networkers.

We help you:

  • Define a clear strategy
  • Identify & overcome blocks about Business Development
  • Create an action plan to make it happen
  • Share networking & social media tips
  • Develop a compelling brand

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Client examples:

  • Family law practice group business development strategy and plan to target high net worth individuals.
  • Intellectual property firm practice group new client development strategy and plan.
  • Equity partner new business development strategy to engage team and embrace social media, following changes in the firm’s rewards policy.
  • Equity partner, practice group & regional office head –  rethink and identify a viable and innovative sustainable business development strategy with increased competition and client demands for value.
  • Equity partner and practice group head – networking, associate relationships & social media tips to enhance business development activity.

“We have just made our group financial target for the first year ever, so that is good news.”

  • Equity partner review support for business development, self-management and well-being in the personal injury (PI) area.
  • Rainmaking programme; workshop and individual coaching for young lawyers including legal networking to promote cross referral between practice groups and regional offices.

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