Career Management

Do you have a career management strategy?

It can be hard to make time to create a career management strategy, especially with the market changing so fast and less people doing more work.

Sound familiar:

  • Under pressure to offer flexible working?
  • Tensions between younger and older lawyers?
  • Succession planning not yet in place?
  • Shrinking equity cake to share?
  • Mixed results from lateral hires?
  • Talent shortage?
  • Up or out dilemma?

We help you research needs and create a career management strategy that gives you a competitive advantage with clients vs. competitors and plays to the strengths and needs of your employees.

A career management strategy that supports all employees to honour their values and have a role and career path that plays to their strengths and benefits the individual and the firm.

Energise Career Management Credibility:

  1. Established, skilled & experienced coach with a great network, skilled at identifying career options that play to strengths/passion
  2. Up to date with social media, employee needs and wants & new career/work trends
  3. Personal branding and self marketing expertise
  4. Official partner of The Telegraph Media Group with our career e course
  5. Career coach of Peter Cornell, former Managing Partner of Clifford Chance
  6. Career blog for The Law Society Gazette

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