Managing Talent for Success: Talent Development in Law Firms

Managing-Talent-for-SuccessManaging Talent for Success: Talent Development in Law Firms

Author: Rachel Brushfield (One chapter page 127)
Year: 2013
Pages: 204
ISBN: 9781909416031
Price: £120

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The ability to attract, develop and retain talent has become one of the biggest competitive issues for law firms. But although talent management is now recognised as a business issue of prime importance, law firms often lack the experience, vision and tools to do it.

This practical new handbook, co-ordinated by Rebecca Normand-Hochman, explores the various elements required to manage talent effectively. It illustrates how law firms can significantly increase the performance, engagement and retention of their lawyers by giving them the tools to develop and to support the development of others. It also describes the need to align HR and law firm strategy through talent management, and to adapt leadership and talent management best practices to law firm structures and challenges.

Chapters cover all of the important aspects of strategic talent management and provide practical guidance from law firm talent management experts internationally to help managing partners, talent management managers as well as lawyers seeking to build strong and aligned talent management strategies in their firms to stand and win the competition. This book will also be of interest to lawyers seeking to understand what is required for them to take ownership of their professional development.


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